Upgrade to SmartThings V2 hub

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Upgrade to SmartThings V2 hub

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Post Posted » Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:36 pm

Hi All,

I had been successfully been using UBI with Smartthings v1 hub. Now I have updated to the Smartthings V2 hub. I deauthorized and disassociated UBI as part of the V1 hub decommission. Upon authorizing UBI for V2 I successfully login to the smartthings portal and authorize my list of devices. Upon automatically redirecting to the ubi portal, instead of seeing a list of devices with check boxes as expected to add devices to the ubi portal. I get the message "Failed to load devices, please refresh to try again".

I have researched and cannot find a remedy to this situation. I have performed the below steps from the detailed Smartthings setup guide found here:

*Note: If you have a SmartThings account already, you can add extra SmartThings devices by clicking “Authorize SmartThings” on the same window.
*Note2: If the process does not complete within 30sec please do the following:
Redo the Oauth by clicking on "Authorize SmartThings" and this time click on "Deny" button.
Go back to Ubi portal and Add SmartThings account again. This time click on "Authorize" button.

Please help :!:

Re: Upgrade to SmartThings V2 hub

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The next steps should resolve the issue:

1. Remove your SmartThings account from the Ubi portal.
2. Go to SmartThings account and uninstall the Ubi SmartApp (http://graph.api.smartthings.com):

Locations > Click your location name > List SmartApps > Edit > Click Uninstall link next to the Ubi App

3. Return back to Ubi account to re-add your SmartThings account/devices.

Re: Upgrade to SmartThings V2 hub

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Post Posted » Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:25 pm

Thanks for posting! We patched a ST issue last week that should hopefully get all devices back up and running.