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Anything support related, problems with your Ubi, setup, portal, support site, forum, etc. Bug reports can go here too. If you are experiencing problems, start here in the FAQ.


Setup FAQ

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Setup Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the Ubi FAQ, we are very sorry if you are experiencing any difficulties with Ubi and we will do the best we can to get it working or answer any questions you may have. If this FAQ doesn't solve your issue or you still have a question, please feel free to post a topic or visit Support and create a ticket.

What is needed for setting up my Ubi?
  • A device that can connect to the internet via wifi such as a laptop, smartphone or pc with wifi adapter (no ethernet).
  • Your Ubi
  • An available wall socket
*Google Chrome broswer is recommended for Windows/Android

I'm having setup problems with my Ubi... Help!
Due to the nature of wifi connectivity and the multitude of different makes and models of routers, it is nearly impossible to implement a system that can work for everyone. Read below for your specific problem.

A video demonstrating the setup
Watch on

I plug my Ubi in and press the U button and see the blue LED flashing but I wait and wait and it doesn't go pink.
This is a rather rare issue with the mini pc wifi tether not being fully initialized, unplug your unit for 10 seconds then replug, try multiple times if it doesn't work. Once it works (fixes itself) this problem should not resurface should u decide to re-setup on another wifi.

My Ubi went to pink but I cannot see or connect to the Ubi wifi network.
So you need a device with wifi and a web browser such as your laptop or smart phone. Windows handles this a little awkwardly, it tries to connect to the Ubi's tether then tries to obtain an internet connection from it, this can take a long time, up to 5 minutes with the wifi tray icon just spinning. Wait it out, hover your mouse over your wifi icon and wait for it to complete whatever task it's trying to do. (Click up arrow in system to tray if you don't see the wifi icon).

If you can see the Ubi wifi network but cannot connect to it then you should consider rebooting your device, on Windows/Mac you may have saved connections that are conflicting so delete any other Ubi saved networks from previous attempts. In android or ios simply connect to the network then check settings to see if you have successfully obtained an IP.

Tip: With an android phone, and at step 4 in browser. Hit the home button (home minimizes apps) and lanuch settings or swipe the notication panel down and press the cog wheel to get into settings. Do not press back at step 4 or exit the browser to switch to the Ubi wifi.

I can connect to the Ubi network (I think) but I pressed next and the setup does not present me with a list of wifi networks.
You sure you are connected to the Ubi network? You may not be, it might be stuck or unstable. Bring your device closer to your Ubi and you may want to consider bringing the Ubi closer to the router just for setup, the mini pc wifi adapter isn't as good as the ones in our $700 phones.

I can connect to the Ubi and I am presented with a dropdown of wifi networks, I chose one and I know for a fact my password is correct but setup won't complete, I'm stuck on step 6 with an infinite progress bar.
You are very close to finished but unfortunelty this is the spot where most failed setups get stuck. This is the part where Ubi connects to your router and tries to establish an internet connection, there a dozens of things that can go wrong here. The best way to solve this issue is with trial and error, you may need to log into your router properties. Wireless authentication protocol may cause an issue, Ubi works with most popular protocols but users report it works best on WPA/WPA2. If you have disabled the DHCP server on your router then you may need to specify an IP for your Ubi and contact support about how to obtain the MAC address. Also the wifi module in the mini pc operates on the 2.4GHz frequency band only so make sure that isn't disabled.

More coming!

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Jason wrote:... contact support about how to obtain the MAC address...

Jason, how do I obtain the mac address from my UBIs? Since I have three, I want to reserve the IP address they are on in my router but can't decipher from the number of devices on my router and really don't want to have to unplug them all to isolate them. :|


Re: Setup FAQ

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If you would like access to Ubi's mini pc for some dev work please sign up for dev access here and we will set you up with all the tools you will need as well as access to additional decumentation.

FYI Ubi uses an android mini pc (RikoMagic MK802IIIS 8GB) with Jellybean 4.1.1, you can see more general answers in our General Forum