Ubi / Harmony integration - some observations & suggestions

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Ubi / Harmony integration - some observations & suggestions

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I've recently added a second Harmony hub to my household.

When it came to integrating this second hub with my Ubis, I observed the following:

  1. No easy way to add another hub?
    When I went to the Harmony integration in the Ubi portal, whilst it recognised the changes to activities on the previously connected hub, it seems the only way I could add the second hub to the Ubi portal was to delete the existing connection (account) with Harmony and then re-add the Harmony integration from scratch. This also, of course, deletes any associated lessons. Whilst this was not a big deal this time around, it could be quite a problem down the track once the number and/or complexity of lessons grows. Could you please add some way of refreshing/re-enumerating the connected Harmony account to pick up new and/or removed hubs, without having to delete all of the existing information and associated lessons?
  2. Hubs are identified by numeric identifier, not name
    Not exactly user friendly. Not an issue with one hub, probably workable with two (my numeric identifiers are sufficiently different, presumably due to the several years between deployment. It could be a bigger problem for somebody deploying two brand new hubs simultaneously - they may get consecutive IDs...). Using the hub's user specified name would be much better; are you able to retrieve it via the Logitech API?
  3. When creating lessons, Harmony activities do not identify which hub they belong to
    This is especially problematic when you have identically named activities (e.g. "Watch TV") on two different hubs for two different rooms. Whilst I could add the hub/room name to the name of each activity, this would also show up on the Harmony remotes, in the Harmony mobile apps, etc. and I'd really rather not do this. Perhaps you could add the name of the hub in parentheses after the name of the activity?

Re: Ubi / Harmony integration - some observations & suggesti

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@chuckles - thanks for the feedback. Will pass on to team.