Repurposing hardware

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Repurposing hardware

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Post Posted » Mon May 18, 2015 1:24 pm

I had the unfortunate luck to try and buy an UBI from ebay, but the hardware was already assigned to another account and I can't use it for its intended purposes. (Before you ask, I tried all avenues and I can't find the original owner to get him to disassociate the UBI). Rather than throw the hardware away, I am now thinking of experimenting with it, seeing as it is basically a brick at the moment).

I VNCed over the the UBI and saw that there seem to be two major programs that provide the UBI Service. If I were to uninstall these and add something like Tasker and use Autovoice, or Google Now, etc. I have seen some people consider this on the threads but I haven't found anybody who seems to have tried because they are worried about messing up the UBI installation. I don't have that issue. Am I blazing a new trail, or has anybody else tried this? Also, beyond the drawback of loosing the UBI software, are there any other concerns about which I need to worry?

Re: Repurposing hardware

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@Druce... I think I might have seen your attempts in support.

If you can VNC into it, and connect it to a network, we can find a way to disassociate it.

Can you email me at leor@ the ubi? Will see what I can do...