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Development FAQ

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Development Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Ubi Development FAQ. Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about development. Feel free to post a topic if you have an questions related to our upcoming API, development requests, how you can develop for the Ubi or just a general developer question that may apply.

How can I get started developing for the Ubi?
We currently have a developer invite program called Project Ubi Odyssey where customers/developers can get their hands on a unit and join in the development of features for the ubi. There are some pretty interesteing things you can do with custom behaviours and interacting with a variety a different servers through HTTP requests, so currently you can make a request based off an Ubi action to any server that support the HTTP request you give it.

Will we implement IFTTT?
Yes, we hope to evertually have Ubi in the list of channels and we want it to interact with our custom behaviours. Our custom behaviours was built with IFTTT in mind.

How can I make an HTTP request from my Ubi?
This is done using custom behaviours, you can speak a predefined phrase to the Ubi and have it make an HTTP request or based on a sensor value or based on another devices actions such as SmartThings.

How do I implement Custom Behaviours?
A full guide will be upcoming.