notgreg, Thank YOU! one more question??

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notgreg, Thank YOU! one more question??

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Post Posted » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:42 am

is there away to increase the ubi MIC sensitivity?? adding a mic?? I do VNC to my ubi as needed. everything looks great. You have been so helpful. the music thing was my biggest thing when it stopped months ago. no matter what I asked. now it works!

Re: notgreg, Thank YOU! one more question??

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Unfortunately, I don't know how to increase the microphone sensitivity. I think the Ubi hardware is fixed and can't be changed. The only solution might be to place a speaker near the ubi and speak through the speaker somehow. Probably a wireless speaker would be best for distance coverage, but that might require a phone app or similar and for you to carry your phone everywhere. Kinda goes against hands free Ubi operation. But could be used when required.