Shorter Fix for Devices not responding directly

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Shorter Fix for Devices not responding directly

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Post Posted » Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:45 am

Hello All,

The fixes are getting shorter and shorter!

This fix will work if your device only if your Ubi or Ubis have the following symptoms:

- Will flash blue after the "Ok Ubi" trigger but will not flash green or respond
- Will respond if you use the UbiCC app (available on Android)
- Is still uttering any lesson's you have created or IFTTT recipes etc.

It is very important to note to please do not delete anything or update any other programs. Doing this can cause permanent damage to your device and void any remaining warranty.

-VNC to your affected Ubi unit using your device IP then port 5901 (i.e.
***If you do not enter :5901 for the port, the connection will be refused by the host computer
-Go to the Home Screen
-Click on Settings
-Click on Apps
-Click on Google
-Click on Clear Cache
-Log out of VNC
-Unplug your device for a few minutes then plug it back in
Our team is still working on other ways to perform this update remotely.

Thanks again to everyone who has contacted us with their successes and feedback. We do understand the huge inconvenience that this may cause and will continue to work on it until we're satisfied there is a final fix.

Team Ubi