Shortcut fix for Devices not responding directly

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Shortcut fix for Devices not responding directly

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Post Posted » Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:20 am

Hi All!

We have found an even quicker fix to help with devices that are not triggering directly.

Just to clarify, this will only work for devices that are not triggering directly but do still turn blue when you say Ok Ubi and respond via the UbiCC app. We ask that you do not perform this for any other symptoms that you may have.

Another note; this must be done on every affected device directly. Therefore, you will need to unplug the other devices and perform this one by one.

-VNC to your affected Ubi unit using your device IP then port 5901 (i.e.
-Go to the Home Screen
-Click on Settings
-Click on Apps
-Click on Google
-Click on Clear Cache
-Log out of VNC
-Unplug your device for a few minutes then plug back in

That's it, quick and easy for now. The team is still working on an alternate option, but at least we can get you up and running for now.

Thanks again to all for your positive feedback and suggestions.

All the best,
Team Ubi