Fix available for devices not responding directly

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Fix available for devices not responding directly

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Post Posted » Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:43 pm

Hi All,

With a special thanks to CJ, our team has a workaround for the issue with random Ubi's not responding directly.

The Google STT appears to have stopped on some devices and needs to be rebooted. Unfortunately, this is not a fix we can push out from our servers, but thankfully it can be corrected manually with some knowledge of using VNC (a tool to view the OS on the Ubi).

This fix will work if your device only if your Ubi or Ubis have the following symptoms:
- Will flash blue after the "Ok Ubi" trigger but will not flash green or respond
- Will respond if you use the UbiCC app (available on Android)
- Is still uttering any lesson's you have created or IFTTT recipes etc.

We understand that is may be inconvenient and not all users will be comfortable or be familiar with using the VNC software. For those who are not comfortable doing this on their own, we can schedule a team member to walk you through the process. Due to current scheduling restraints, it can be up to a week before we can have a member available as this process can take up to 30 minutes depending on your connection and other factors. Please open a support ticket and we will arrange to put you in the call out queue.

If you are familiar with VNC and are willing to give things a go, here is some information you will need first;

- Your Ubi's IP
-- Using the UbiCC app, you can ask your Ubi "What is my IP", you will get a response, typically starting with 192.
-- For those more savvy, you can also get this from your WiFi router

- You will need a Gmail account.
--We highly recommend you create a new account as there will be some syncing and can potentially throw a wrench into your normal Gmail services.

1) VNC to your affected Ubi unit (you'll then see an Android-like interface)
2) Go to the Home Screen
3) Click Google Play Store
4) When prompted, enter your Google Account info. ***Remember to please a new / spare Gmail account***
5) Go back to the Home Screen
6) Bring up your running apps and swipe (click and drag on mouse) on Play Store to close
7) Click the status area to the open menu
8) Click the line marked "X Apps to Update"
9) When the store opens again, you will be prompted with Google updates
10) Click Update and then Accept the permissions
11) Wait a while for the update to process
12) You do not need to update any of the other apps
13) While not 100% required, the response times are MUCH better if you unplug/plug back in your device/s

Here is a link to a free VNC Viewer software called Real VNC that many of our team uses:

Their user guide in .pdf is here: ... _Guide.pdf

If you find you're still having any trouble with any of the steps, please let us know by opening a support ticket with the following information:

-Which step are you unable to get past
-If you are receiving any errors, please provide us with screenshot/s
-Your device/s serial number/s
-Your Ubi Portal ID (This is the ID you enter when logging into

We wish there were an easier workaround (and are still looking). If there was an alternate or more simplified fix we would push it out or suggest it. As well, some have recommended that we replace the units with new ones. While that was one of our first idea flow, there are more challenges with that.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we help you get things back up and running.

Team Ubi