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Security, iOS and More

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Post Posted » Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:20 pm

We've been continuing to develop and push updates to the Ubis over the past months and will be announcing soon a new interface for building voice interaction with the Ubi. We're also moving towards a platform that will allow voice interaction to extend far beyond the current Ubi.


Part of these updates have included updates to how we handle security threats. From the onset, we treated privacy and security as a major concern in deploying the Ubi. If there's something with a microphone in our homes, we want to make sure it cannot be used in a harmful way.

Some of the changes we have coming up include enhancements to:

Password protection
Encryption of data that's collected and stored
Service continuity

With the Ubi:

No audio is streamed until you say "OK Ubi" and only while the Ubi is turned green
Pressing the Ubi button mutes the microphone at a hardware level for enhanced privacy
The Ubi trigger word is processed locally
Logitech Harmony

We're now integrated with the Logitech Harmony hub! We'll be updating your Ubi portal accounts to reflect this new integration shortly.

New Ubi App on iOS!

We'll be launching a new app on iOS that allows for the fastest, easiest way of sending voice to contacts and home. Stay tuned.

Looking forward to bringing you more!

Team Ubi