UbiCC Update!!!

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UbiCC Update!!!

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Post Posted » Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:10 pm

UbiCC has been updated to v1.21

In this update you will find the following changes:
Email Address Sign In - Allow signing in with your username or registered email.
Sensor Charts - by clicking on the specific sensor icons you can view this Ubi's sensor readings over a period of time. This is the same data that is available from the sensor charts on portal. You can zoom, pan and change the granularity to 1 hour, 5 min, 1 min. We have revamped our sensor logging server-side code to provide faster access to more data.
Add All Apps - you can now add all your different device types and apps such as SmartThings, Nest, Google Calendar and WeMo.
Press Utterance To Resend - you can now press on a phrase you have recently spoken to have this utterance resent to the same Ubi, available from an Ubi's utterance page.
Improved Help Page - Now with more information and a better look, we will be adding plently of info here.
Bug Fixes - all utterance and ubi utterance data loading is much quicker, fixed setup for some uncommon devices, fixed navigation title incorrect in some cases, fixed instances where data is not displayed, fixed a few images for layout and resolution.

Coming Soon - we plan to revamp the custom behaviors layout to remove some abiguity and make it much more easier to create trigger/action behaviors. We also plan to have an option to have your phone use Text-To-Speech to speak Ubi's responses effectively bringing any of your Ubis on the go anywhere!

UbiCC is available in the Google Play Store here.