Now on Google Play... UbiCC!!

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Now on Google Play... UbiCC!!

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Post Posted » Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:36 pm

We just launched a new app on Google Play to make your experience with the Ubi much better. Have been playing with it for a few weeks and it is incredible.

Download it now here:


UbiCC allows you to access your Ubi directly from your Android device. You can control and configure your Ubi remotely from anywhere!
UbiCC also turns your Android device into a remote for your Ubi. Simply tap the mic button on the Device page to start talking to your Ubi. You can view your Ubi devices and their sensor readings, view utterance to and from your Ubi, and add/remove contacts.
UbiCC also allows for...
- One click setup!
- Remotely commanding your Ubi
- Playing music (talk to your device and have the Ubi play music)
- Pushing voice announcements into your home (device to Ubi communication)