BETA API - Help us test it.

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BETA API - Help us test it.

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Post Posted » Thu May 22, 2014 5:30 pm

We are ready to release our beta API for public testing. Help us test it out. You can do all sorts of things such as rigging up a custom conversation, greatly expand upon our custom behaviours, trigger events based on sensor data, obtain a list of attached devices, callback URL to apply logic to utterances on your own server, API callback subscription to receive changes in sensors, st devices, etc to the callback url, the list goes on.

Please if you find any bugs or any weird behaviour please post a bug report in the Development Forum, post a scenario to recreate the bug if at all possible too please. This will help out immensly.

Feel free to post any amazing setups, webapp screenies, etc you have created. We are very interested to see what our customer base can come up with.

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